Dr. Edward Bach

Bach and Bach Flower Remedies from a Classical Homeopathic Perspective

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Media Credit: By AliceFlores (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons Edward Bach, M.D.  was called “the second Hahnemann” 1886-1936  lived to age 50 1917 almost dies from spleen tumor had spleen removed and gets stronger Worked at Royal London Homeopathic Hospital working on vaccines, bacteria 1930  by then had come up with bowel nosodes. John Paterson (1890-1955, coworker of EB, expanded …

Arnica montana

Arnica, the most overused and underused remedy

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Media Credit: By Franz Eugen Köhler, Public Domain Goals: To have a discussion about different unusual presentations of the remedy. To have a discussion about potencies used by each of us. To look at remedies in the differential diagnosis. Causation: Trauma in all varieties, old and new   Injuries, stress, sepsis, overuse, grief, stasis ,fright, anger, excessive venery (vaginitis, impotence in …