Arnica montana

Arnica, the most overused and underused remedy

Paul Capobianco, DO Didactic

Media Credit: By Franz Eugen Köhler, Public Domain

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Paul Capobianco, D.O.


To have a discussion about different unusual presentations of the remedy.

To have a discussion about potencies used by each of us.

To look at remedies in the differential diagnosis.

Causation: Trauma in all varieties, old and new   Injuries, stress, sepsis, overuse, grief, stasis ,fright, anger, excessive venery (vaginitis, impotence in male).

Mind: Nervous cannot bear pain, great fear of being touched, oversensitive, bed too hard, falls asleep in the middle of a sentence.  Says there is nothing wrong with them.  Wants to be alone.  Agoraphobia.


Rheumatism (begins low and works up [Led.]), influenza, Tumors following injuries (Breast). abscesses, Motion sickness, sea sickness,  Cancer, Chorea after falls, Debility, Sanguine/plethoric/cerebral congestion (There are basically four temperaments — NERVOUS , BILIOUS, SANGUINOUS and PHLEGMATIC. Nervous – indicates constitutions of quick actions and high strung. Bilious – have a tendency to liver diseases. Sanguinous — related to congestive and plethoric states Phlegmatic — sluggish in reaction. There could be combinations. ) effects of violent cough/sneezing, chronic bronchitis (with bruised achey sensitive chest), hemorrhages, coldness of the nose, facial neuralgia, baldness, frequent stool/urination, stupor, halitosis, Uterine pain-walks stooped, ?narcolepsy, painful boils,    Angina Pectoris-pain into left elbow, weak irregular pulse, cardiac dropsy (CHF), fatty heart and hypertrophy, vertigo, head pain, paralysis, diplopia, retinal hemorrhage, nosebleed, sore gums after extraction, empyema of maxillary sinus, Herpes in face, vomit blood, distention, flatus, bloody stool, diarrhea of consumption (Tb), urine retention, urinary straining painful, postpartum bruises, after-pains, hemorrhage after coition, sore nipples, mastitis from injury (overuse breast feeding), fetal malposition (crosswise sensation), cough-cardiac, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bloody expectoration, dyspnea with hemoptysis, violent spasmodic cough with facial herpes, whooping cough, pleurodynia (Ranunc.;Cimicif).  Gout, pain back, limb pain, soreness after overexertion, coldness of forearm, , ecchymoses, itching, burning, eruption of small pimples, crops of small boils, bed sores, acne indurata (deep seated, can scar, symmetrical), insomnia and restlessness when overtired, comatose drowsiness, dreams of death, mutilation dreams, night terrors, stool incontinence during sleep, Fever like typhoid (high fever headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea), rigors, hot head cool body, internal heat, cold hands and feet, night sweats (? hot flashes).  PTSD, any disease exacerbated by stress.  STRESS.  Chemical exposures (cosmetics, perfumes, creams, tobacco smoke, poor diet, air pollution, pharmaceutical agents, etc.) (Nux, Crab Apple?)   Insomnia effects.  Temperature extremes.  Effects of mental grief, fighting, war.  A good remedy for Soldiers.

Modalities:  <touch, <motion, <exertion,  <rest, <wine, <damp weather <cold weather, >lying, <wine,  <sleep, <exercise, <hydrogenoid constitution (characterized by the excess of water in the body. They are aggravated by moisture and humidity, prone to dropsy and anasarca, and suffers from tissue growth of benign type. They belong to the Sycotic group. Ars, dulc, nat suiph, nitr acid phytolacca, rhus tox, thuja, dig etc are the main drugs.)

Potency:  Not to place tincture on open cuts or abrasions (only Calendula).  Discussion of Potency.  LM’s.  High potencies, low potencies.

Differential Diagnosis:

  • Aconite- Fear, shock, fear of the future, sudden events.
  • Apis- bee sting.
  • Bellis – “super arnica” often forgotten.
  • Calendula- cuts, wounds.
  • Phos- fractures
  • Cantharis- pelvic trauma
  • Carbo Vegetabilis- worn out, fatique- late effects of trauma, aging (carbo. Animalis)
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens- Weakness, flu
  • Hamamelis –hemmorroids
  • Hypericum- nerve injuries, radiculopathies, stenosis,
  • Ignatia- Grief more acute
  • Ledum- trauma
  • Opium- trauma causes dissociation- multiple personality after abuse
  • Natrum Muriaticum- chronic grief
  • Natrum Sulph- brain trauma, concussion
  • Phosphoric Acid- weak worn out, dehydrated
  • Rhus Tox- sprains, blows, cold exposure, stiffness, <cold, <wet, >heat, >rubbing, >motion
  • Ruta- sprains, restless, bruise, fracture, overexertion, < damp,
  • Stramonium- from fright, shock, sun, childbirth, -brain issues <glistening objects, <after sleep, <fright, <dark, <cloudy days, <touch, <swallowing, <suppresions
  • Strontium Carb.-<cold, walking, sprains, evening, weather change, touch. Rheumatic, ankles, stenosis, sciatica
  • Symphytum- cartilage, bone, periosteum injuries, stump, joint arthralgia, painful old injuries, eye injuries, face injuries, <touch, <sexual excess, “caries of the vertebrate”.
  • Urtica Urens- from burns, bee-stings, shellfish, suppressed milk, urticarial, angio-neurotic edema (anaphylactic deeper tissues like reaction), gout, hives, throbbing, sweatiness.

Other remedies similar to:  Croton Tiglium, Fer. Magnet., Spigelia, Abrot., Absinth., Cham., Cina, Gnaphal., Amm.Carb., Bapt., China, Euphrasia, Hep., Ipecac, Merc., Puls., Ran. Scel., Rho.,Staphy., Silica, Sulphur, Sulp. Ac., Veratrum,